Providing Building Inspection Reports On The Condition

Pest Inspections

All our pest inspections are conducted by a licensed pest technician who will not only thoroughly check your property for those little pests but can also recommentreatment type to eliminate those little unnecessary pests.

Stage and Handover Building Inspections

Are you building or renovating? We strongly recommended our building inspections at certain construction stages to ensure structural adequacy and quality finishes.


It's our job to help get the best outcome for each and every property purchase, build or sale. we're experts in the building industry and as a building inspection professional, we're able to share our industry knowledge to support you and independently address any concerns you may have when buying, building or selling a home. As a one stop house inspection business, we are also known for our excellent result in building and pest inspection.


Having a pre purchase inspection conducted by a licensed builder is one of the best ways to guarantee your peace of mind when buying a new home. We inspect all aspects of the property starting from the interior right through to the exterior, to ensure there are no current structural defects to the home and no future surprises lurking. Purchasing a home or investment is one of the biggest decisions you will make and having the right information is critical so you can move forward with your purchase comfortably. It is a great financial commitment and a decision you must be certain of before being locked in to a contract. We ensure to undertake your pre-purchase inspection before the auction or within your cooling off period or nominated contract period to give you the right information you need to make your decision. At House Inspect Australia, our experienced building inspectors will take a look at the property and provide you with a detailed report indicating our findings. We can help you decide if the home is worth the value it is selling on the market for and whether or not you will need to outlay more money for future repairs or renovations. We will provide our recommendations and help you to determine the best possible action moving forward. The results we obtain from our pre-purchase inspections have saved our customers thousands of dollars and many future headaches. The team at House Inspect are passionate about what we do and we guarantee you will receive exceptional service from expert inspectors who have extensive knowledge in the building industry.