Building inspection

Purchasing a property or home can be both an exciting and nerve-racking period of time. In an ideal world we all dream about having a smooth purchasing process, with no hiccups along the way, however this isn’t always reality and sometimes problems do arise. In order to avoid purchasing a building which is riddled with…

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building inspection

BUILDING INSPECTIONS: WHAT TO LOOK FOR Having a building inspection is absolutely crucial, especially if you are a first property buyer. Purchasing a property is a major financial move and you need to be certain of your decision before you sign any contracts. In your first initial viewing of the home or building, there are…

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What is the #1 question we hear from our customers?

Do you think that this house is worth this much money? Mike’s standard answer is:  “I don’t know”, I look at hundreds of houses a year in every different suburb and housing prices change all the time. But, at the end of the day – if it’s a good fair report, a good fair house…

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How Does a House Inspection Work?

Pre purchase building inspection

With House Inspect Australia it’s really easy. People generally make contact with us.  They’ll tell us that they’ve bought a house or they’ve got a problem with the builder, whatever the case might be. We ask you the questions so that we can get all the information we need so that we can take over.…

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Why are warranty inspections important?

When you build something new, you get what’s called a three-month maintenance period, or a twelve-week maintenance period.  Once you’ve moved into a house and you’ve been living in it for a while and you’re opening and closing doors, you’ve run the air con, the heater etc, the house will react differently.  It’s then up…

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What are builder defect inspections?

Essentially, on new constructions, we’ll come and have a look at the finished product before handover. It is also known as a handover inspection. We just go through and make sure that everything is right and that it’s built to the standard that it should be. It works both ways. Often people will have things that…

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Mike’s Top 3 Tips For Buying A House

1 – Be practical and realistic. Don’t purchase a house based on emotions. Buying a house is the biggest purchase of your life so although it’s hard to put aside the emotion of it, it’s also really important. It might look like the dream house you’ve always wanted but do your due diligence, check it out…

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Case Study: 1

The owner of a 2 story property had a problem with water leaking through the bathroom floors upstairs into the downstairs ceiling.  We were engaged to do an inspection for the owner for a fee of $400. Our inspection uncovered that it had not been built to the building code. From the builder first telling…

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